We at The Plumbing Connection wish ALL of Manatee County, FL. a very Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas from The Plumbing Connection!

Merry Christmas from The Plumbing Connection!

With the lights still glistening,

Left on for the day.

All the wrapping paper torn asunder.

The gifts have been given,

Their contents revealed,

Hence the joy we get from our plunder.

No more malls to pillage,

No more fights to be had,

Over items we “desperately need”.

Now is the time to relax,

Unless you’re the cook,

In which, there are mouths to feed.

So Merry Christmas from us!

The Plumbing Connection.

May the holidays lift your spirits high.

And if the in-laws

Get on your last nerve,

We can help provide an alibi.


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